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kohlan Island of pattaya

 The area is characterized as the Pentagon does not. There are approximately three thousand five hundred acres. Able to measure the length of the island. From north to south. Has a length of about 4.65 km width of the island is the most wide can be measured approximately 2.15 km

Coral Island is an island in the Gulf of Thailand. In the city. Chonburi. Is attached parallel to the beach. Only seven kilometers away from the coastal city. South beach. Like to play sports such as water skiing, snorkeling boat cruise.

Activates a small quiet beach, ideal for tourists who want to relax in private. Thong Lang Beach is the main activity of snorkeling. The beach area that connects the two sides Tawan Beach is a shallow reef and a beautiful underwater coral Sea Walker Walking is a popular service. Tourists who like coral, but not like this beach also offers diving, glass bottom boat. Be able to see the reef up close.

A private beach with a calm and pleasant environment. With clear water. Sand. Length of about 100 meters, is popular with European tourists who enjoy sunbathing beach suit travelers who like privacy.


Getting to Koh Larn. Have to travel by boat. The boat will be available from 07.00 AM to 18.30 PM on the tour back at 06.30 am -18.00 pm The boat will leave from Laem Bali Hai. And it is parked at the harbor front passenger and passengers in the same Tawan Beach is 30 Baht
From Bangkok. By bus. Van service is available. Victory Monument BTS station. The fare is only $ 100 off every 15 minutes or when full of passengers.
From Bali Hai Pier - Bangkok. Buses. Van service is available. Bali Hai pier. Which will have staff available at the front port.


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Hot and sour soup is a taste of Thailand.

Hot and sour soup is a taste of Thailand.
hot and sour, fish and vegetable ragout.
It is a meat curry. Most of the fish or shrimp. May be used morning glory vegetables, papaya, radish, cauliflower, egg flower catalog or Cha. The soluble sour sauce to boil vegetables and meat. Season with vinegar, palm sugar, tamarind, salt, sour, sweet, salty and spicy sour sauce.
Put the dried shrimp paste, chili pepper, salt, onion and sour curry with fish that smells fishy seafood like catfish catfish catfish fish in curry paste with garlic added. Kaempferia galanga, lemon grass, add some sour fish in sauce to taste and smell is Piscine sour, sweet and a little sour to me. Sweet chili spices. Intense spicy peppery. If I served with steamed rice. A delicious mellow flavor well.

Chicken fried in Pandan leaves.
Thailand is a popular type there is chicken wrapped in pandan chicken meat marinated with spices such as garlic, pepper, coriander root and pound resolution soy sauce, sesame oil, oyster sauce Pandan 2 bundle.
Salt and sugar to the marinade and leave for two hours, all the pandan clean. Take it out on the outside. Spoon the chicken and fry until golden triangle wrap the meat is soft, mellow taste with a unique spice to the sweet and sour sauce.

soup with chicken, galanga root and coconut.
Tom Kha Kai is one species of Thailand. Look into the coconut milk, curry chicken and mushroom soup with white. There are various herbs like lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal soup, like pepper sprinkled with coriander. I paired it with rice, sour, salty taste. Flavors well balanced.

    Spicy vermicelli salad.
    Iteration refers to the vegetables. Meat and sauce are mixed together and burned. The flavor is absorbed evenly. Thailand has three main flavors of spicy taste is sweet, sour, salty water, season it with a little time to make the salad taste good.
    How to cook vermicelli salad.
    1 made ​​jointly by the syrup, lime juice, fish sauce, chili garlic smashed and chopped shallots mixed bag and set aside.
    2. Boiling water and bring to a boil noodles, fish, pork sausage, mushroom and shrimp balls boiled down to rest.
    3 Bring all ingredients. (Except lettuce) and mix to combine.
    4. arranged on a plate decorated with lettuce and serve.

    Hua Hin Hills

    Hua Hin Hills Vineyard Wynyard. The hall and restaurant. Visiting a vineyard tasting some great views over Hua Hin Hills Vineyard win. Vineyards campaign chic. Elephant ride to the vineyard. The perfect place to go to the farm. That evening I took it and I'll be eating this evening very romantic one. I would like to repeat.

    Visit vineyards. Far far away Big mountain. Hua Hin Hills Vineyard Wynyard. The elephant was sitting on a vineyard overlooking the panoramic views. Thailand combined with a hint of French style. It is strikingly odd. You can see it yourself.

    The grape harvest. Visitors can see the production process. And do not miss the taste of the product to it. Fine wine grapes. Or you can sit and eat. Wine and soft drink. With delicious food at the Pavilion Restaurant. Western-style dishes. Morpork as steak shop. The wine bar and sip it.

    Hua Hin Hills Vineyard, Wynyard Hotel is 
    open every Tuesday - Sun And public holidays from 11.00 - 18.00 for those who do visit the Hua Hin Hills Vineyard Wynyard.



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    Phuket Fantasea.

    Phuket Fantasea.
    Phuket Fantasea. Not far from the beach was transformed into a cultural center, entertainment great. Of the island. The collection Thailand culture into this place. Be proud. Phuket is one of the wonders of Thailand. It would not be wrong. If anyone has come. I watch the show. Both say the same. "The grand finale performing" Phuket Fantasea is a trained actor. The animals came onto the scene. And using modern techniques. The light system is compatible as well. It is magnificent. The spelling of the audience throughout the show. The area around Phuket. Thailand is a village simulator. There is a souvenir shop. And many things to do around the area.

    The theme of the show.
    Kamala created the magic of top Las Vegas style entertainment technology combined with a. The idea of a world-class design and the performing arts in Thailand by merging nine concepts as acculturation Thailand. Full of fun, freedom and love, courage and compassion. By presenting the show in each episode. The protagonist is Prince Kamala lead to the discovery of an amazing adventure. Stimulating to learn the real Thailand.

    The concept consists of a global concept including 9.

    1. The tradition and culture of Thailand application.
    Two. Techniques Ile Blue Magic Limited.
    3. An acrobatic show.
    4. A caravan of elephants.
    Five. Techniques for bombs.
    6. Performing acrobatic stunt.
    7th. Performing takeoffs.
    8. Amazing 4D.
    9th. Techniques for special effects in.

    One. Shows only 1,500.
    Two. Shows shuttle (Phuket) 1800.
    Three. Buffet dinner show 1900.
    4th. Buffet dinner show. Transfer (Phuket) 2200.
    Five. Buffet Dinner only 800.
    6. Buffet dinner. Transfer (Phuket) 1100.


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    Wat Arun. Chao Phraya River

    Wat Arun. Jed. Prang Wat Arun. Chao Phraya River is one of the symbols of the city. Known all over the world. City of Commerce, which made ​​the French monarchy, it indicates that King Narai the Great. This temple has existed since the Ayutthaya period was called "The Olive" when King Taksin built his palace had carried out measurements of the gauge inside the palace. Cancel a temple priest. And ordered. The restored King called "The report," The Restoration and the reign of the second King called. "Temple of the Dawn", during the reign of the four has a name. "Dawn was Tharam".

    Prang brick adorned with glazed dish. Mixing bowl and shells. Make flower. Leaves and other designs. Top of the pagoda is Npsol and gold crown.
    The balcony Khot (Vihear ply) built a defensive wall tile roof coating is the Buddha statue enshrined in Security East 120th episode of King of the Her Royal Highness the Prince Narisara DSpace supports the measure considered. "Where is classically beautiful than the balcony. Sri Rama is the skill of the two should be viewed as ".

    Giant Temple.

    Sanctuary of the Wat Arun temple is another one. Building a high platform. As with the 3-storey thatched roof temple with painted tiles. Khan has a golden angel holding Jesus stood on the podium. Krahnk adorned with gold leaf pattern glass. The front and rear porch. There are three doors in the front door, the back door has 2 Exterior walls adorned with painted stripes Thailand Kganแieg process. He commanded the 3rd of reign tiles from China. The current temple is the temple with Rai.

    This temple has flourished throughout the Rattanakosin pair. What are the sacred architecture of the exquisitely beautiful and is one of the masterpieces of the country and according to the tradition, the king came to be President in a ceremony at the temple and royal Kathina cloth of Jesus. watercourse


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    Papaya salad of thailand

     Papaya salad of Thailand. The origin is evident by the probability of the Northeast of Thailand and Laos, most of them made ​​by the papaya is scraping the lower in a mortar with tomatoes, small roasted peanuts, dried shrimp, chilli and garlic, season with sugar. pickled or fermented fish sauce, palm lined. The spicy, sour and slightly salty. All eaten with sticky rice and grilled chicken with fresh vegetables such as cabbage or beans, morning glory. Roasts.
    Shop for Training. Acquisitions are often sold in conjunction with something else, such as soup, rice, grilled chicken, bamboo shoots, Spicy little waterfalls etc.

    Papaya fruit in Thailand is that many people have to eat it to. I like almost everyone. Some people might not like to eat papaya salad. I do not like to eat papaya. Or do not like to eat vegetables, try to put it in a fruit salad that you like to eat, such as apples, grapes, corn, carrot and green papaya salad was made ​​by the low water, garlic, crushed pepper and not enough is too much. And tomatoes. Pound for the tomatoes. Add the lime juice, palm sugar, fish sauce, dried beans and a pound as well. No need to bring water to the information on papaya fruit sauce and grated carrots       prepared to add a little color to our fruit salad and stir well. It is then finished with a fruit salad.


     Pickled crab salad.
    If you really need to talk to Low Laos across the Mekong Atึ will be the lowest feeding Laos that name. Fermented papaya salad comes from the northeast of Thailand. But low in a cloud, it is lower here is not fermented. Most people today are descended from Vientiane to not less. As part of the former territories of the former Lao territory of Siam country. Side Vientiane - Nong Khai would have to cross the river to come to the same virtual land. Without that river as the boundary dividing the two countries, as well as today. Because the Bowring Treaty signed with France that makes Thailand lose territory to the other side of the river. Thailand, Laos, siblings who live together in the same virtual land was to be divided. Go to the top of the game, most of it is tradition. Culture and beliefs. Like Laos. Including the culture of eating well. It is a source of low cloud or below our fish. Pona the most commonly used put salted papaya salad. Pona season, but it's really easy to eat. That is, the wet season. Enough rain water to lay eggs and breed it out as well. Farmers also sell the same again. Page Pona it is cheaper to buy a woman wearing a green papaya salad with salted.
    Tam Lao fermented food can be very simple or low, I think it would have from the beginning until the end of Soi Soi. We would not exactly call it a village. I say chuck it. It may not be as low crab eating fish at all.

    Crab Salad is a leading seafood such as crab cooked with water, flavors of papaya salad mixed with water tastes harmoniously. It is at the top for the collection Thailand like.

    Put salad ingredients mixed salad salted salted leave Thailand and crab salad made ​​with pickle juice concentrate. It tasted delicious. For those who do not like spicy green papaya salad.

    Salad Crispy Pork is pork, then fried crispy. Put the water exactly. Pound the garlic and chilli rough enough. Cut tomatoes into a crescent. Cool beans pounded to pieces light enough beef tomatoes soften. Add palm sugar, fish sauce, pounded it into the papaya and carrots, chop pounded lightly mix together the pork, lemon juice, mix it well plate and sprinkle with peanuts and serve with fresh vegetables, lentils taste convinces a group. Thailand is like eating the menu. Thailand for people who do not like fish you bring.

    Create a crab and fish in Thailand. But the dried and roasted peanuts instead. The flavors are sweet and sour. Some residents may enter with salted crab.

    "Banana Salad" food cool if a tasting menu is a popular diet routine, the actual surname I do not know if this salad recipe. Create a robot would be a treat for the girls as well, but that is exactly the sort of detailed components. As this is to be found in Chapman, Brittany Combs, soft banana and the menu only as "lower banana" soft shell with sliced ​​bananas Tania hit themed dice toss pound fish. I gooseberry mixture into the pepper and cabbage may be a result of the mild banana flavor, it is delicious Stanislas than other bananas. I can not find anyone else to do the kind of raw banana. I threw a raw banana and French. Raw bananas are astringent. Which our ancestors used herbs to treat disorders of the gastrointestinal system.

    Steamed glutinous rice is consumed widely popular in Thailand. The staple food of the population in the North and Northeast to eat sticky rice with salad or sauce can be considered as the main meal of the North-East of Thailand. I use it instead of rice. The rice will take longer stomach. I retaliated and the time you have with salad.